Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Time Off!

There's probably going to be a drought of posts for a while. My home internet, which was included in the bills (I rent) is now not included in the bills. As I'm kind've looking for other places to live, I'm not going to bother taking out a contract because they tend to be for 18 months unless you want to pay through the nose.

Also, things are also busy at work, so I'm not getting online much anyway. Normal service will resume shortly (fingers crossed!).

Saturday, 1 August 2015

A Bit More Detail (on GameMaker Physics)

The Story So Far...

My last post covered a little about how to get a physics-enabled, player-controlled object moving about using GameMaker, but it probably assumes some level of familiarity with GameMaker that not everyone will have. I was a bit excited at just getting things working and wanted to get those thoughts down quick. As promised, here's a bit more detail about the topic.

Now, my own project is a Lander-style game, so this tutorial will be mostly about rotation and thrust, but the concepts should be similar for any 2D physics-based game.