Sunday, 25 October 2015


Well, I didn't die, which is always nice.
Instead, I've basically just been a lazy arse. There's a whole bunch of things I should be getting on with and I've not really done any of them. Now, I've got work things to do, career things, moving house things as well as less important stuff like making games or finding a tai-chi club.

As this blog is mostly about games, I'll write a bit about that first. My current project is a sort of Lander game, with lots of physics. I think I have a WIP screenie somewhere, hang on...

That actually looks better than I remembered..

What I'm realising is, physics doesn't automatically equate to fun. In particular, I'm having to rethink the whole control system. At the moment, I'm using physical forces for rotation and the problem with that is its slow. In a sense, it adds a bit of challenge because you have to think ahead a little - no turning on a sixpence and zooming around here! But on the other, more important hand, it's actually not fun to control. I suspect that instead of using forces for rotation, I'm going to let the player use the mouse (so the craft will spin to look at the pointer, although turning speed will not be instantaneous). Actual directional thrust will still be a physical thing though.

I'm 90% certain of what I want to do, but I'm in procrastination mode because it's going to mean a whole bunch of code rewriting. Someone who's better with GameMaker than myself could probably do it in a couple of hours, but it's going to take me a day or two and... don't wanna! I'll do it, eventually, but not right now 'cos right now there's Doctor Who, Walking Dead and Supernatural to watch. And some time next month, I think the new Game of Thrones starts.

Truly it is a great, if somewhat unproductive, time to be alive.

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