Sunday, 25 October 2015

Tools and Resources

I just realised, I was going to put a list of resources together. I completely forgot because it was just kind've in an earlier post. Now there'll be this post just for these things and it'll be updated as I find new stuff.

Tutorials and Learning

Make a Game with No Experience - These are great. Tom Francis, creator of Gunpoint has made a series of videos about how to make your first game in GameMaker. They're entertaining, informative and very easy to follow.

There's a GameMaker section on the TIGSource forums. I've found the first set at the top of that link particularly helpful.

Physics in GameMaker:Studio - this is the page that finally helped me get my head around how to control the player object when using physics.


GameMaker - The basic version is free.

Bfxr - Cool (and free!) little webapp/downloadable for creating sound effects for your games.


Gamasutra: List of Best Free and Affordable Graphic Assets. The title pretty much says it all. Lots of free or inexpensive resources here.

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