Thursday, 12 November 2015

More Old Stuff

Maybe I should call this stuff "retro" instead of "old", it sounds so much better..

Anyway, here's a couple of photos I took. The timestamp says 2006, but I'm pretty sure that was just when I resized them and saved them.

A hoverfly, long since deceased

An underpass and a cow. An undercow?

Unfortunately, I don't have the originals, so these are the biggest versions I have. If I remember right, they were taken in Hertfordshire, along a canal path. Looking at Google Maps, I believe it was along the River Gade, just West of Garston.

Writing this, I'm starting to remember a bit more. It must have been around 15-18 years ago (1997-2000). My camera at the time was a Nikon.. an F60, most likely, in a nice champagne colour. It was my first decent camera and I'd just recently bought a lightweight tripod and a cheap macro lens from a camera shop in Watford (there were a couple up the top end of town, near the big nightclub whose name I've forgotten due to it changing so often). Anyway, it was a really hot, sunny day, and I'd wandered North up the canal path taking various snaps of things along the way. I remember it was my first time going around with a camera bag and tripod and I was feeling a little self-conscious about it.

It was dark by the time I got back that day. I'd basically walked from Garston to Kings Langley, then back down to Bushey, before walking back to Garston. I'm not much good at estimating distances, but I reckon that's about 20 miles or so. I probably slept well that night.

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