Saturday, 9 January 2016

Adventures in Vaping

Well, that was unexpected. I nipped out to the Co-op for some dinner and came back with an e-cigarette. I'm not having it for dinner though, obviously.

My new e-cigathingy

The Co-op currently have these, the Blu Pro Kit, on offer. I think they were marked up as being £17, but they actually go through the till lower.. I think it was £14.99. On top of that, you currently get another 10% off if you have a Co-op membership card. For that, you get the e-ciggy thing itself, plus a bottle of liquid to use with it - everything you need to get started, basically.

Now, I should say, I'm completely new to these things. I've smoked for around 25 years, but you don't really need instructions for cigarettes. The instructions for this were... well, terrible to be honest. Ignore them. Go see the website's instructions instead, it's all so much clearer.

Still, nobody buys these because they want to appreciate a good set of instructions, what we're after is something that a) helps us stop smoking tobacco, and b) doesn't make us look a complete tit. In these areas, the Pro Kit seems pretty good. Admittedly, I've only had it charged a few hours, but in that time I would normally have smoked probably about 3-4 rollups, but I've not actually had any - and maybe more importantly, I've not even particularly wanted one.

One issue with e-cigarettes that I've been a little worried about was that it wouldn't really replicate the whole smoking experience enough to replace smoking. I mean, the addiction to nicotine is the main reason that people smoke, but there are a lot of factors influencing what you smoke, including habit and taste. If you're a smoker and your local shop runs out of your usual brand, you might buy another kind, but it's just not the same, right? You still want your regular brand. That's kinda what I thought e-cigs would be like. I'm glad I decided to try it anyway, 'cos I was wrong.

I suppose I should probably point out that different people are likely to have different experiences in that regard, but so far I'm not feeling any pull back towards tobacco. Vaping (God, I hate that term, it sounds so pretentious...) certainly does feel different in a mechanical sense - the cigathingy is heavier, you have to press a button when you inhale, etc - but there's nothing about the nicotine delivery bit that's offputting. You even get that sort of hit in the back of your throat (if you're a smoker, you'll know what I mean!).

So in the starter kit thing I bought, there's only one flavour included, "Classic Tobacco". It tastes like tobacco in the same way that cheese and onion crisps taste like cheese and onion. That is, it doesn't really taste anything like it, but it kinda manages to capture some parts of the flavour well enough that you sort of see what they were getting at. But having said that, it doesn't actually taste bad, just... different. It has a slight maple syrup flavour to it, which I actually find quite pleasant.

So the only downside for me is that I feel like a bit of a tit using it. I'd probably feel a bit self-conscious using it in public. In fairness to the manufacturers, I think that's probably more down to me than anything else. The actual device itself looks pretty smart. My own photo above is a bit crap, but it's quite an understated design in matt black, with a blue LED that lights up in a ring around the button, and another which lights up around the bottom. I was going to post an official picture so you can see better, but I can't find a decent one of the whole thing in one piece.

I didn't really mean this to be a review, but I think it's more or less ended up as one, so I'll wrap up by saying you get a USB charger included and you can get some other flavours of Blu e-liquid to use with it. You can actually use liquids from other brands too, so you're not limited to just the Blu flavours.

Talking of flavours, I meant to start doing my dinner about an hour ago - bye for now!

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