Friday, 8 January 2016

Yet More Old Stuff

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you're on a top secret undercover mission and you can't break radio silence in case it puts the entire mission at risk?

Me neither. But I've been in another kind of situation where you're on holiday over the Christmas period and been to damn lazy to post anything.

So, first post of 2016 - Happy New Year!

In an earlier post, I mentioned finding a bunch of old stuff while looking for a photo I'd taken years ago because it reminded me of another photo that a friend had taken. Well, good news is that over the Christmas break, I found the motherlode of my archived bits and pieces (I think I'd backed it up before changing hard drives on my computer). The bad news is, it's mostly reduced in size. Still, better than a poke in the balls with a cattle prod, as they say.

So you can see my friend's picture on Instagram here. Actually, I'd recommend having a look around at the others, there's some really good stuff there. I should note that neither of us had seen the other's picture before so similarities are coincidental. Here's mine:

Hal 9000's less murderous brother. Maybe.

Years ago, I used to frequent a graphics design forum, which regularly ran an informal photo competition called PhotoFortnight. Each fortnight had a different theme, so the photo above was entered under the theme of "Yellow". I found a few others, too:

Theme: "Movement"

Theme: "Solitary"

Sadly, those forums seem to be long gone now, but they had a great community. There was another regular competition run by members called the Creative Blender. In this, you were given a number of photos (I think it was 4 or 5) and you were allowed to manipulate them and put them together to make a new image. I can't remember if there was a theme to each one or not. Anyway, I saved some of the entries that I'd submitted and here they are:

The first Creative Blender I entered

This one's my favourite

And this is probably the weirdest

Being a forum on the interwebs, there was a fair amount of silliness, much of it involving captioned owl pics. But on occasion, there were darker, more disturbing images at play..:

Perhaps I should have added a NSFW warning..

I should give full credit here - the picture has been manipulated, but it's based on a photo of a guy called Biker Fox (presumably not the name his parent's gave him) who became something of a running theme on that forum for a while. Bless him.

Anything after that last image is bound to be a letdown, so I think I'm going to stop there tonight!

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